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  • UK Visualisation by Postcode

    Posted on December 17th, 2010 Jim 1 comment

    I thought the recent facebook image about “connections” was interesting and that using some other types of data I could easily generate some interesting things.

    So, thus far, I’ve used the entire UK Postcode set and UK Bus Stops (available via to create (what I think) are visually stunning “maps” of the UK with nothing more than point location and some “code”.

    The postcodes are pretty obvious but the bus data is really quite interesting too. Remarkably, both sets of data manage to create a pretty conclusive view of the UK. Scotland, unfortunately is difficult to map given the lack of postcodes and bus routes in the upper north west side.

    I also parsed some IP data from this website (it’s been collected over a long time) to create a world view of use.  The same result was seen as above however I didn’t have enough data (or visits) to create a decent world view.  Europe on the other hand wasn’t bad at all - the picture for Europe is below.

    Europe Point Plot

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