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  • Why the Samsung Galaxy Tablet fails.

    Posted on November 1st, 2010 Jim 29 comments

    It seems like only a few weeks ago the only decent “tablet” device on the market was Apple’s now infamous iPad. Fast forward a short period and sudden surge of Android capable tablets is frightening.

    We can immediately bypass the mass of cheap android tablets such as the RockChip 2808 or the quite horrible delivery from Next (fashion retailers!). They are “tablets” but when you see them in action they suffer from all manner of bugs, poor implementations of “touch” and the rest.

    There are however a few decent contenders milling around and of those I’d mention the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, ViewSonic Viewpad 7 and the forthcoming ASUS tablets. Reputable companies with solid hardware and a degree of credibility in a market saturated with poor Chinese iPad rip-offs.

    So why are they going to fail? Well, first you need to look at the iPad. It’s a luxury product with a price point to match. It was essentially the first really decent tablet to market and Apple have the luxury of a custom operating system (iOS) and customised hardware. It is brilliant and would obviously be the product to which all other tablets would be compared.

    So, a great tablet with well regarded software starts at £429 for a Wifi only 16GB system. It’s the benchmark – Apple charge significantly more for all it’s hardware than the average counterpart would cost (laptops, screens, desktops etc etc).

    Before we look at the pricing of the Android tablets it’s important to note that Android is a mobile phone operating system and not designed for tablets. To take advantage of the “market place” (Android’s version of the AppStore) you must have a cellular (3G) connection and thus it requires a contract. This is a huge deal and means that Apple’s wifi devices are still a niche product available to people who DON’T want or need ANOTHER mobile contract. It’s nuts that this practise of data contracts per device is still happening.

    If we switch to Apples 16GB Wifi + 3G device, you’re looking at £529.99 (plus contract prices) which in comparison to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is STILL A CHEAPER price to pay?? Amazon has Samsung’s device (as sold by Samsung themselves) is retailing for £668.19 new plus contracts

    It might be a valid option if the device was significantly better than Apples but that isn’t even the case – software aside the devices are similar with the exception of Apple’s screen which wins over the galaxy.

    I’m of the opinion that sadly the Galaxy will fail. It looks like an awesome unit and I’d love to own it but I’d rather spend less money on another iPad. Price is always important and Samsung seems to think it worth more than Apple – sorry – no, you’re not. They are an established luxurious brand and you are not. I can buy a Samsung LE46C650 46-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 100Hz television for £10 more than the Galaxy tablet costs – are you kidding me?

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